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Nanny housekeepers - Nanny cook housekeepers
Live-in Live-out Full-time Part-time London Country Overseas

Our nanny housekeepers have over 4 years' relevant experience and have been interviewed and checked by us.
Their childcare skills have been gained from years of practical experience.
We provide nanny housekeepers who live-in or out of their employer's houses.
We have over 40 years' combined experience of recruiting in the household staff sector.
We are happy to advise on salary rates and other employment matters.
We are often able to introduce you to suitable candidates within hours of your enquiry.


We insist that our nanny housekeepers have over 4 years' experience of working in a private household and, in most cases, they have considerably more. With reference to housekeeping, we may, in exceptional cases, accept hands-on and supervisory experience in the hotel sector. We interview them to assess their skills, personality and affinity towards children. Wherever possible, we check their recent references by talking directly to previous employers. If you wish, we will carry out a free DBS [formerly CRB] check. Before presenting candidates to clients, we ask ourselves a simple question - "Would we employ this person in our home?".


Over 25 years ago, we created a new job category - 'nanny housekeeper' - as an answer to the spiralling costs of employing both a nanny and a housekeeper. We realised that, with children attending full-time school at a much earlier age, there was little point in employing nannies who, whilst their charges were out of the house, would be under-employed. It is generally accepted that nannies will not undertake housework unless it specifically relates to the children in their care.

A nanny housekeeper, on the other hand, will undertake housekeeping duties as well as childcare but, most importantly, always ensuring that the children's welfare comes first. They are generally professional housekeepers who, whilst not being qualified nannies, have many years of childcare experience [often gained by bringing up their own children].

When not taking care of the children, they will, at the very least, clean the house and wash and iron clothes. However, many will undertake additional tasks - care of special floor and kitchen surfaces, care of antique furniture and other special items, shopping for groceries, dealing with tradesmen and contractors, looking after pets, cooking for the children and, above all, ensuring the smooth running of the household. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


As the title implies, a nanny cook housekeeper provides three different skills. Clearly, to achieve excellence in all three is a major undertaking. Therefore, in the majority of cases, a domestic help is also employed to deal with the heavy cleaning and the laundry. In some cases, the housekeeper will only be responsible for preparing the children's meals. As always, childcare is the prime task; even if it is at the expense of cooking and housekeeping duties. We are happy to advise you on current salaries and benefits.


A live-in nanny housekeeper needs to have special attributes as it is not easy to have a complete stranger living in your house and looking after your children. For example, previous experience of living-in, the capacity to respect your privacy, the art of discretion and the ability to merge seamlessly into the family's routines. On top of this, the 'chemistry' between employer and employee has to be absolutely right to ensure a long-term employment. At Massey's Agency, we make no apologies for taking time to talk to you so that we get to know the type of person you are looking for and the skills they need to bring with them.

We are happy to advise you on current salaries and benefits.


A live-out nanny housekeeper will work either full-time or part-time [a minimum of 3 hours a day] to suit your requirements. As a London-based agency, we tend to attract those who wish to work in the Greater London area and some parts of the Home Counties. For this reason, we are generally unable to recruit live-out nanny housekeepers outside this area. If you are not sure we cover your area, please call us on 020 3033 0000 and we will quickly check our database of candidates. We are happy to advise you on current salaries and benefits.


We have over 40 years combined experience in this sector so, if you are looking for a household staff agency that will introduce well-matched, professional nanny housekeepers to you, often within hours of your enquiry, then please make Massey's Agency your first choice. Call 020 3033 0000 now, or leave a message at and we will call you back. In doing so, we believe you will be impressed by our knowledge, standard of service, attention to detail and, above all, friendly manner.