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Management staff
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Our management staff have over 4 years' relevant experience and have been interviewed and checked by us.
We provide staff who live-in or out of their employer's houses.
We have over 40 years' combined experience of recruiting in the household staff sector.
We are happy to advise on salary rates and other employment matters.
We are often able to introduce you to suitable candidates within hours of your enquiry.

Staff in large households, whether in the city, country or overseas require a degree of supervision to relieve the principal of the burden of this task. The level of supervision required is dependent on the size of the household, the number of properties and whether there are adjoining estates. Below, we set out the types of management that are available in order to help you make the right choice.


We insist that management staff have over 4 years' experience of working in a private household and, in most cases, they have considerably more. We may, in exceptional cases, also accept applicants with other relevant experience and qualifications who clearly have the skills to undertake the job for which they have applied. We interview them to assess their skills and personality and, wherever possible, check their recent references by talking directly to previous employers. If you wish, we will carry out a free DBS [formerly CRB] check.


Butler-PAs may have been trained in a recognised butler school or received their training 'on the job'. Whichever way they learned their profession, they are more than capable of supervising other household staff and dealing with the many issues which arise when running a large household. In some circumstances, the butler may also take on other roles such as chef/cook, valet or chauffeur. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


An estate manager functions as a director of a large property [or many residences] with or without estate grounds. As such, experience in employment matters, budgeting, gardening and landscaping, security matters, contractor management and event planning are essential. In the absence of a house manager or butler, the estate manager may also supervise staff working within the properties. Given the high responsibility this role requires, previous, well-referenced experience in this area of management is crucial. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


As the job title implies, the primary role of an executive housekeeper is to supervise housekeeping staff. However, depending on the size of the household, this could also be a 'hands-on' role [typically taking care of expensive items of clothing, furniture, ornaments and paintings] or extend to other areas of household management [hiring and supervising contractors and non-housekeeping staff]. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


A house manager ensures the smooth and orderly running of a house and, often, looks after many properties. As the job title infers, he or she is not usually involved in management of the grounds or estate. Supervising, scheduling and training staff are just some of the duties and, therefore, familiarity with domestic roles and responsibilities is essential. Other duties include purchasing, budgeting, security matters, making travel arrangements for the principals and planning and co-ordinating events. Increasingly, as technology advances, house managers are also expected to have knowledge of complex systems relating to heating, air conditioning, lighting and security as well as being computer literate. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


Also referred to as a private secretary, personal secretary or just PA, this person will manage the principal's personal, professional and household affairs. Mainly a full-time occupation, there are part-time PAs available who divide their responsibilities between a number of families. In a small household, house management may also be undertaken. Duties may include secretarial work, diary management, dealing with incoming and outgoing mail, managing the household accounts, making travel arrangements, hiring and supervising contractors and organising special events. Previous experience of working in a private household is essential together with initiative and good computer skills. Please visit the Job Descriptions page for a full list of duties.


We have over 40 years combined experience in this sector so, if you are looking for a household staff agency that will introduce well-matched, professional management personnel to you, often within hours of your enquiry, then please make Massey's Agency your first choice. Call 020 3033 0000 now, or leave a message at and we will call you back. In doing so, we believe you will be impressed by our knowledge, standard of service, attention to detail and, above all, friendly manner.