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Household Staff Recruitment Client Services - Range of Staff - Job Descriptions - FAQs

Finding the right employee for your household is difficult and time-consuming.  They will be working, and often living, in your home and, no matter how good their skills, if the 'chemistry' is not right, the placement will be short-lived.  That is why we make no apology for taking time to talk to you so that we understand precisely what the duties will be [and, therefore, the skills required] and, importantly, the sort of person who will fit well into your household.  By doing so, we greatly improve the chances of making a successful match.

Household staff recruitment can be compared to an iceberg.  Clients see the top 10% when we present CVs of suitable candidates to them but the other 90% represents a long, time-consuming process of advertising for staff, weeding out unsuitable applicants, interviewing, checking references and preparing CVs.


Although most applicants come to us by personal recommendation, we do place advertisements. It is a fact that good staff are attracted to agencies, such as Massey's Agency, where they know they will find the best jobs. Mediocre staff tend to use internet-based job sites where they hope their lack of skills, experience and checkable references will be overlooked!


We review all applications from staff and reject those that do not meet our minimum requirements. Those that do, prima facie, meet our minimum requirements of at least 4 years' recent and relevant experience of working in UK households are interviewed by our experienced recruitment consultants and, again, some are rejected.


We make every effort to check their recent references and, wherever possible, speak directly to previous employers; rather than relying on written references [which can so easily be forged].


Finally, we prepare CVs ready to send to you which contain a detailed work history, our comments, extracts from their references and the results of our reference checks.


If you engage one of our candidates, we charge a 'one-off' introduction fee based on the employee's gross annual salary. Although our fees are among the lowest in this sector, we do not compromise on the quality of our service. Up to the point of engagement, all advice, introductions and assistance is completely free of charge. To safeguard you, we offer a 10 week free replacement period; subject to our terms of business.


Internet Job Sites
Difficult to encapsulate details of your vacancy and special requirements in limited advertising space.
Difficult to encapsulate details of your vacancy and special requirements in limited advertising space.
They generally attract mediocre applicants who hope their lack of skills, experience and checkable references will be overlooked.
Vacancies attract vast numbers of CVs; all of which have to be read and either accepted or rejected.
Applicants you have selected will have to be interviewed; thus compromising your privacy and, possibly, your security.
Massey's Agency
We take time to talk to you so we can build a clear picture of the skills required and the type of person who would suit your household.
We reject applicants who do not meet our minimum requirements. We have interviewed and checked candidates before they are presented to you.
We do this work for you and only present you with, typically, three or four well-matched candidates.
Often, we can present you with suitable CVs within hours of your enquiry.
We interview all candidates for you and only release your name and address when you invite them for an interview. We are always very discreet and pay close attention to your privacy.


If you lead a busy life or you are concerned about your privacy [and security], we, at Massey's Agency, can help you. Not only do our consultants have over 40 years' combined experience in this sector but we attract the best household staff. Please call us now on 020 3033 0000 or send a message to for free, friendly and helpful advice.