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Cook Responsibilities

A cook prepares and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for the employer. Further duties include clearing away, tidying and cleaning the kitchen areas and the room in which the food is consumed.

Prepares Food

The timely preparation of all meals for the family.

Manages Grocery Shopping

Ensuring that groceries are purchased and regular shopping trips are attended to.

Kitchen Cleaning

Ensures the kitchen is kept in good condition, cleaning all surfaces and floors after use.

Presents Menus

Presentation of menus for approval and discussion of daily requirements with employer.

Refrigerator Management

Ensures that the refrigerator is clean and tidy and any out-of-date items discarded.

Stock Control

Places orders for all supplies and perishables. Stock control

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Cook FAQs

Some of our commonly asked questions regarding the cook position. If you have queries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 3033 0000 or

We don’t automatically undertake a DBS for every candidate that registers with us as sometimes candidates may find their own jobs and only stay on our books for a short while. However if a client employs someone who we introduce and who does not have a current DBS but is required to have one for the position, then we are happy to do this for you.

We are able to supply staff across the whole of the UK, including Scotland and Ireland. We also cover International positions.

No, we provide a free service for candidates who are looking for work and we only invoice clients if they employ a candidate who we have introduced to them.

Unfortunately we do not provide staff for short term assignments, however we do accept some contracts for a minimum of three months upwards.

We absolutely love hearing from candidates with good, relevant experience in private households. Unfortunately without previous experience it is unlikely we will be able to help you but we are always happy to advise. Chauffeurs must have previous experience of working as a private chauffeur and not purely in chauffeur services or taxi driving.

A vacancy could be filled within a matter of days or it could take longer. The timescale depends on which candidates are registered at the time of you giving us your vacancy, and whether they match your requirements. We will never just send a CV for the sake of it or to ‘make up the numbers’.

We are happy to organise short trials wherever possible, however you need to bear in mind that it might not always be possible if a candidate is in a full time job. In order to address the fact that very occasionally things may not always go to plan, we offer a rebate/replacement period for your peace of mind.

We often hear the terms cook and chef used synonymously and clients will ask us for a chef when they probably just need a cook and vice versa. How do we distinguish? Generally we will do this by checking the level of cooking required: if a client is looking for someone to produce what is termed as ‘family style’ food, and by that we mean simple, relatively unfussy food, then we would recommend that they probably just need a good, solid home cook. If, however, they are looking for someone to cook for formal dinners and someone with extensive knowledge of a wide variety of cuisines and dietary requirements, then we would recommend that they consider a chef who would have a more specialist knowledge of presentation, menu planning and recipe creation.

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