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Finding the perfect candidate for your domestic roles is made all the easier with Massey’s Agency – we handpick our domestic candidates to fill your criteria.  With all the staff referenced where possible, you can be assured that you will have your pick of the very best. Read more about the different positions we could fill below.


With many years experience in filling household positions, we are confident that we can find the perfect candidate for your home. Treating every enquiry with the utmost discretion, you can be sure that we will offer our practical and impartial advice. Read about Household Staff Recruitment here and visit our FAQs section if you need further help.


We take the time to listen carefully to your needs, building up a clear image of the work you need doing and the type of person who would suit your needs.  By doing this, we save a huge amount of your time by only introducing you to the right candidates for your roles.


All our candidates have relevant experience, have been interviewed by us and we try to speak directly to their most recent employer where possible.  We verify, amongst other things, their key skills and work ethic.


Our CVs set out the candidate’s employment history, as well as extracts from their employers’ references, the results of our checks and our comments on their skills and personalities.


With our extensive database of checked candidates, we are often able to send your their details within hours of your enquiry, without comprimising on quality!


If you need a little support on basic employment matters, household staff and standard pay rates, we highly recommend Stafftax to look after your payroll.

Domestic Couple Team

We are often able to introduce you to suitable candidates within hours of your enquiry…

Urban areas and formal country households

Domestic couple team positions generally fall into two categories. In the first group, both members of the team carry out the majority of their work within the house and their duties may include any of the following: house manager, butler, valet, houseman, caretaker, family chauffeur, handyman, head housekeeper, housekeeper, cook, nanny.

Rural areas

The second group generally has one member of the team spending a good deal of time outside the house – estate management, gardening, maintenance and family driving – as well as helping in the house with heavier tasks. The second member usually provides any combination of house management, cooking, childcare and housekeeping.


Of course some households do not fit comfortably into either of the aforementioned groups. Perhaps requiring a qualified chef or others with specialist skills such as forestry management or security. Please visit our Range of staff page to determine the combination you require and the Job descriptions page for full details of their duties. Whatever your requirements, we pride ourselves on providing domestic couple teams equipped to give you a tailor-made service.

Laundry Staff Roles

We are happy to advise on salary rates and other employment matters….

As the name would suggest, the laundry staff handle the day to day laundry functions at the family residence, generally excluding any dry cleaning or staff laundry.  They would be expected to maintain the laundry room to a high standard, keep the stocks of cleaning materials and laundry products up, wash and press bed linen, towels, table mats, napkins and table cloths, as well as laundering the employer’s personal clothing.  They can also launder any guest clothings as required.

Chef Roles

Highly skilled chefs to live in or out…

A chef would be responsible for preparing and presenting food for their employer, the family, guests and staff.  Being able to present menus for approval and discussing daily requirements with the employer or house manager is an essential skill for a chef, or cook-in-charge.  They would be responsible for keeping the kitchen in good condition; clean and hygenic at all times.

The chef would be responsible for placing any food orders, and stock control within the kitchen as well as keeping separate accounts for functions (including staff expenses).  Although supervising the kitchen and staff is their main role, they would also be prepared to carry out any other additional duties as the employer wishes.

Cook/Housekeeper Roles

Exceptional cook housekeepers for your home…

A cook/housekeeper, as the name would suggest, carries out very similar roles to a housekeeper, but with the addition of cooking meals for the family or for parties and events.  Highly skilled in their role, the cook/housekeeper is proficient in preparing and serving food as well as clearing away and maintaining the kitchen to a high standard.

As the housekeeper, the cook/housekeeper would be expected to keep the house clean and tidy, manage laundry and dry cleaning as well as caring for any pets within the household.

Domestic Help Roles

We are happy to advise on salary rates and other employment matters….

Offering an extra helping hand around the house, the domestic help can perform tasks as directed.  Generally, the domestic help would be expected to clean as required and assist with laundry.

If expected to work on own initiative, we would recommend a housekeeper be recruited instead.

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    With relevant experience.


    We are often able to send you details of suitable staff within hours of your enquiry

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