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Domestic couple teams
Live-in Full-time London Country Overseas

Our domestic couple teams have over 4 years' relevant experience and have been interviewed and checked by us.
We have numerous permutations available and helpful job descriptions to assist you in choosing them.
We have over 40 years' combined experience of recruiting in the household staff sector.
We are happy to advise on salary rates and other employment matters.

At Massey’s Agency we have been successfully recruiting household staff since 1845. Years of experience in this sector have taught us that successful placements come from listening to our clients and concentrating on meeting their needs. Please visit our Range of staff page to determine the combination you require and the Job descriptions page for full details of their duties.


Urban areas and formal country households

Domestic couple team positions generally fall into two categories. In the first group, both members of the team carry out the majority of their work within the house and their duties may include any of the following: house manager, butler, valet, houseman, caretaker, family chauffeur, handyman, head housekeeper, housekeeper, cook, nanny.

Rural areas

The second group generally has one member of the team spending a good deal of time outside the house - estate management, gardening, maintenance and family driving - as well as helping in the house with heavier tasks. The second member usually provides any combination of house management, cooking, childcare and housekeeping.


Of course some households do not fit comfortably into either of the aforementioned groups. Perhaps requiring a qualified chef or others with specialist skills such as forestry management or security. Please visit our Range of staff page to determine the combination you require and the Job descriptions page for full details of their duties. Whatever your requirements, we pride ourselves on providing domestic couple teams equipped to give you a tailor-made service.


We require all our domestic couple teams to have a minimum of 4 years’ experience of working in a private household. In respect of some skills we may, in exceptional cases, accept hands-on and supervisory experience in the hotel sector. All staff are personally interviewed by our recruitment consultants and their recent references independently checked [the majority by telephone]. We investigate the level and breadth of their skills, examine their qualifications and, in the case of gardeners and chefs, view photographs of their work.


We are happy to advise you on current salaries and benefits.


Having discussed, in detail, your requirements and established a job description and couple profile, we search our extensive database. We are often able to send you CVs within hours of receiving an enquiry. However, as we are looking for not one but two 'special people' with a particular combination of skills [and not always the most logical combination, at that], it sometimes takes a little longer. And, if we do not find the right domestic couple team, we will say so rather than wasting your valuable time by sending inappropriate candidates.

We have over 40 years combined experience in this sector so, if you are looking for a household staff agency that will introduce well-matched, professional domestic couple teams to you, then please make Massey's Agency your first choice. Call 020 3033 0000 now, or leave a message at and we will call you back. In doing so, we believe you will be impressed by our knowledge, standard of service, attention to detail and, above all, friendly manner.