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Candidate Profiles

Masseys Agency - Candidate Profiles
Domestic Couple Date Posted
Location: UK
Reference: Alice
Description: We have a number of truly first class, experienced domestic couples registered with us currently. All with longevity in previous jobs and all with substantial skills.
Looking for salaries up to £850 net a week.

Full time, live-in Housekeeper Date Posted
Location: Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire
Reference: 108839
Description: This lady has 7 years of experience with her current employer. She is flexible and despite preferring Monday to Friday, she will help on occasional weekends. She is happy to look after children and pets and has excellent references.

Full time, live in housekeeper Date Posted
Location: Flexible
Reference: 108803
Description: This candidate has substantial experience of working on large estates for high profile employers. She can manage staff, create rotas, inventories and manage budgets. She is experienced at managing wardrobes and packing and unpacking and has experience of caring for crystal, brass, silver, specialist floor coverings and fine furniture.
Her previous employer wrote " a hard working and highly valued member of my team....standards are so high...eye for detail and immense care...".

Looking for £35,000 gross per annum.

Full time, live in cook housekeeper Date Posted
Location: Berkshire and Hampshire
Reference: 108826
Description: This lady is a powerhouse, she has a fantastic attitude and has shown herself to be completely dedicated. Currently looking after a 10 bedroomed property, she undertakes all the housekeeping, laundry and pet care. She also cooks all the meals and can cook for formal dinner parties.
A really hard working and capable lady.
Looking for £450 net a week.

Domestic couple Date Posted
24 March 2017
Location: London or very close to.
Reference: 108636
Description: She is an incredible housekeeper with amazing attention to detail. She will clean and care for silver, antiques and delicate fabrics and can undertake minor sewing repairs. She is able to manage finances and budgets, assist with large-scale events and entertaining and will supervise staff where necessary. He is equally dedicated to his work. He is a competent maintenance gardener and groundsman and has excellent handyman skills and will look after security. They have no children or pets and are looking for £800 net a week.

Domestic Couple Date Posted
22 June 2017
Location: UK
Reference: 108837
Description: Fantastic couple who have been with their current employer for 17 years. They have a huge skills base and there is not much they can't do. She is a Cordon Bleu cook. They are exceptionally friendly and approachable, very capable and completely flexible about working hours.

Nanny/housekeeper Date Posted
20 March 2017
Location: UK
Reference: 105834
Description: A very well-presented candidate. She is hugely likeable with a cheerful, positive outlook and a very good sense of humour. She is a housekeeper driven by a strong sense of loyalty and duty. She throws her energy into her work with confidence and dedication. She is also happy to cook family meals or help with dinner parties. She is hugely experienced in looking after children, doing the school runs, helping with homework and baby-sitting when required.

Domestic Couples Date Posted
18 April 2017
Location: UK
Reference: AC
Description: We have some wonderful domestic couples available right now. All have experience and have worked in London and in the country.
Salary expectations range from £750 - £1,000 net a week.